We have invented neither
automation nor robotics.
What we have invented
is the Technetronic style

We have invented neither automation nor robotics. What we have invented is the Technetronic style


We are a company which for almost 20 years has offered automation and industrial robotics solutions to companies which have decided to invest in technological innovation. We are passionate about our work and we firmly believe in team work because we are convinced that we can all play a role in making our applications unique. To us listening is crucial: we want to thoroughly understand our client’s or partner’s needs, be it a colleague, a potential client , or a supplier.

We are aware of the responsability we have towards both society and our clients: the way we do business must have an impact on the economic,social as well as people’s level.
Being professional characterizes every single project we carry out, and our intuition (which derives from the experience we have acquired over time), allows us to offer innovative building techniques and solutions.
Our applications must be both simple and functional: for this reason, attention to detail is a crucial aspect of our work.
It may seem unimportant but it is in our DNA…This is the Technetronic style.







Process equipment

Special application

Hi-Tech content

Welding service

After sale services


Technetronic is the ideal partner for all companies which belive in tecnology innovation and have increment in competivity and product-quality as long-term goals, as well as mantain high safety standards

Clients don’t expect perfection: they simply ask for their problems to be solved when they arise. This is Technetronic’s philosophy : being a leader means giving concrete answers to concrete needs.

With almost 20 years of experience, Technetronic has become a well- established company with loyal customers who have chosen us for our efficient automations. Our technicians’ know -how, helpfulness and experience have long been tried and tested.

Technetronic knows that a company’s success depends on its ability to have happy customers, not only of our products but also of our services
and therefore, has always invested in after sales assistance. Today, thanks to a group of highly qualified technicians, we are able to offer a a quick, flexible and skilled service.

Work addiction, analysis skill and experience allow Technetronic to front challenges of an endless evolution market, always researching most advanced solutions.



Registered office:
Via Morosini, 6
C.F. – P.IVA 03826180287

Operational Headquarters:
Via del lavoro, 11
35010 Saletto di Vigodarzere (PD)
Tel. +39.049.5794806
Fax. +39.049.7662400
(Address to be used when sending goods and mails)

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